Our services :

     We provide following services to our clients.


Internal Audit Services :

From our 20-year experiences in auditing industry, we have seen that internal audit profession has been gradually developed and the values to each company are varieties. We take this opportunity to provide internal audit outsourcing and consultation services for any companies who would like to strengthen their internal control procedures for their foundation. Our outsourcing service will be the internal audit that provide the audit plan based on our risks assessment. Therefore, our review results will mostly answer the management’s concerns or questions. In addition, partly outsourcing for any internal audit operation can also be provided for any companies that the internal audit would like to cover audit areas over than the current resources.

 In addition, if your company already set up the internal audit function, we can also provide consultation service to enhance the existing practices. Or if your company has not yet set up this function and would like to set up this function, we also can assist you to create the structure that meet the professional standards.

Policies and procedures development :

Some companies may run the business for a while without the policies and procedures in place. Surely, some of them has run well. However, most of the time, we encounter the company that has not yet set up policies and procedures faces a lot of issues on internal control breakdowns or inefficient processes as processes are ambiguous or unclear. We assist our client to make their daily operation have clear picture in their daily life of operation by developing policies and even draw the flowcharting diagram for them.

Compliance and Internal control reviews :

If your company has set up many procedures to be complied and unsure if the operations are complied with the designed policies and procedures or not, we can provide this service for you. In addition, if you have concerns if the internal controls are designed sufficiently or you may have a new operation set up and would like to ensure sufficient internal controls in place, we can also assist you in reviewing your current practices, provide recommendations, design any controls that meet your risks assessment results and can assist in implementation of these newly designed controls.

Training :

If you would like your staff members have the better understanding on governance series e.g. corporate governance, risks management and internal controls, we can provide a wide range of training for executives, middle management or persons who perform the daily operations.